Weekly Word Count 6/11/19 – 6/18/19: 14,532

Well, I bounced back from being a Jabba-slave to my own self-doubt! It’s just part of the journey. You don’t think Frodo’s ass puckered at the border of Mordor when he realized how far he still had to go?

I may not be Frodo, but I think all writers feel the weight of their project like The Ring. To everyone else, it’s a trinket on a chain. To the one writing, it’s a noble burden on a chain, with a million time-stealing Gollums trying to make off with the thing.

I learned a MAJOR trick last week that helped my writer’s block. When you feel you’re at full stop, back up and plot! I realized that I had tangled myself up in the cozy blanket of knowing what comes next when, really, I only had the basic idea of what came next.

So I slowed down and pulled out my notebook where I keep all my Underworld world-building notes and plot lines. Starting from my stuck point, I reworked my outline, chapter by chapter, all the way to the end. Instant unstuck!

I don’t think I’ll quite be putting the final period on the final sentence of the final chapter of the book on June 30, but I’ll be damn close. I may be moving slower than I hoped, but I’m really — and I mean really — happy with what I have so far.

6/18/19 Muse Magic:

There are moments where something will fall in my lap like it was already created and waiting for me to discover it. I had one last night while working through the etymology of a word I wanted to create for a thing in my book (yes, I’m that kind of writer… Easter eggs all over the place if you just go dig a little).

This one was stunning. Another for the talk show circuit, as they say. When I get asked later about my creative process and I have to tell someone about the voices in my head telling me to go this way and that to find what I need, I’m sure this tale will get told.

For now, it’s just another nudge down the path to completion of the novel. The farther I go, the more I realize I’m not blazing the trail myself but walking along a path in the fog that was already there and waiting for me to discover it.

Melody Wingfield

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