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6/8/19 Word Count: 800 words

The last couple of days, I’ve been busy living. Connecting with things that feed my fire. Spending time with some of my real-life Muses. Maintaining that delicate balance between leisure and writing.

I’m telling the story of Hades and Persephone because I connect with it strongly on so many levels. I’m sure I’ll end up talking about them all eventually. Today’s touchstone: crossing back and forth between the realm where I live and the realm where I write.

Writing feels like a trip to the Underworld for me. I’m not what you would call a “lofty writer”. I have inspiration, but it’s not the kind that ends up as a Hallmark movie special. My inspiration comes from dark places and kept secrets and things we don’t like to acknowledge lest they take us by the hand and claim us as their own.

When I write, I give myself over to that power. I trust it. I stop picking flowers (focusing on myself — some myths say the flower Persephone was picking was the narcissus). I take the hand of my Muse and let him lead me to a place where I am queen, where I am in my power. In my subconscious are millions of ideas waiting to draw breath, and I am Life among them.

Writers do this all the time, even if they don’t write from the same inspirational source that I do. You have your writing life and your real life. And you have to take time off to focus on the real one if you want to be any good at the one that imitates the real one. Life informs writing and writing informs life — not my phrase, just truth.

You can bury yourself in your work, dig deep, go underground and isolate yourself. Even the words we use to sequester ourselves to write have death fluttering at their edges.

But at some point, you have to emerge, come back up for air, get a little sunshine, show your face. Again, the words we use double the metaphor about rejoining the world of the living.

So Persephone has had her little jaunt to the world of the living and now, it’s time to return to the world where things are waiting to be brought to life. Time to write!

6/8/19 Muse Magic:

The dialogue scene is done. Finally! In the middle of doing this, I realized I had failed to answer a critical question about one of my characters. Eeeek!

One of the difficult things about shaking up a well-known tale is remembering to substitute alternate paths for things that are commonly accepted, or find a plausible reason why those no longer matter. And I had overlooked a HUGE one. The story change I made would have allowed me to go “Well, that wasn’t necessary anymore,” but that’s never really satisfying. Part of the reason the story is as good as it is lies tangled up with some of the inevitability of things.

But, the Muse delivered me an alternate path on a silver platter today. It neatly fixes the problem and — at the same time — delivers meat for a future series conflict that I was still unsure how to wrangle.

I do love it when a plan comes together.

Melody Wingfield

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