6/5/19 Word Count: Somewhere between 1500 and who the fuck knows.

I spent four hours writing last night. Checked my project targets and discovered I had written a grand total of 64 words.

That’s right. 64. Needless to say, Scrivener was wrong. That’s right — I just dissed my writing program. I know for a fact that I wrote at least 1500 words because that’s how much bigger my chapter file was than the night before. That’s right, Scrivener, you scurvy bastard! You have to get up ear-ligh in da mornin’ to fool me!

On the other hand, I also did some editing on what I wrote yesterday and that always decreases word counts. This is another reason why you do not write and edit at the same time. It’s like driving down the road with the emergency brake engaged. You won’t get very far and you won’t get there very fast. And you will tear up your brain and shred your word count.

I still probably managed about 2000 words but I’m only sure of around 1500 of those. So that’s all I’m claiming. From now on, every night before I stop, I’m writing down what my end word count was. No more Scrivener auto-calc project target shenanigans for me.

6/5/19 Muse Magic:

Dialogue still, flowing well. I’m unsure about this scene. It has merit for character development but I’m not positive it’s the best way to introduce information. At the very least, it’s show and not tell, so that’s good.

I’m itching to get past this scene and to the ones I’m excited about writing. I write sequentially because I like the layering that comes with putting things in earlier chapters that play out later and it’s just too hard to go back and revise and slip them in effectively later.

I did so much research on this book. I did so much planning. At the moment, I still feel like I didn’t do enough. I have some notes about what I want to do for the next book that I’m trying for upcoming scenes in this one. Mostly scene structure, points needing to be made, and flow.

Also, writing a book from multiple points of view and getting the back and forth between characters and scenes is hard. But I also enjoy it. I want to eventually write a book from just one character’s POV so I can experience that. For now, this is a better story vehicle. Plus, I’m realizing that I do well writing male characters. Go figure!

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