This week, I’m working on productivity. I have a lot of irons in the fire and it’s just too much to juggle without an electronic brain of some sort. I’ve decided to utilize an app called Productive.

Did you seriously schedule waking up?

Yes… yes, I did. It’s about holding myself accountable. Getting up on time is directly tied to going to bed on time. That’s on the list, too — you just can’t see it. A tired writer isn’t a very good writer.

Eating healthy and exercising, too? This sounds awful.

You know what’s worse? Finally getting that writing career and not living long enough to enjoy it! It’s important to remember that writing is a desk job and exercise is important for good health, especially if you sit down most of the day.

What do you mean by visualizing what you want?

Writing is similar to sports in that it requires consistent performance. Studies have shown that visualizing yourself achieving your goals actually helps you attain those goals. I spend a little time every day doing active daydreaming about my writing that day, my writing career, what I want to manifest in my life. It keeps me fired up and pointed in the right direction.

What does ‘Keep it up’ mean?

This app tracks when you finish a task. You can either swipe to clear it or tell Siri to check it off. It also tracks your “streak” for how many days you’ve completed your tasks. I like a little challenge so I enjoy seeing how long I can maintain my streak of successes. The app will also remind you of tasks and you can always edit and reset them as needed.

I’m considering this basic training for being a full-time writer. Agents and publishers are going to have deadlines and multiple things I will have to juggle: writing, editing, publicity, engagements, web presence, social media. And they will also expect me to stay healthy and able to do what is necessary to complete projects and promote them.

I’m used to working in a structured business world where things flow in cycles. This writing thing is more free-form, especially here at the beginning when it is just the CEO-of-Me making the decisions, doing the work, doing the marketing, doing… well, all of it. I don’t want to forget something important and I have a lot of irons in the fire: website, blog, four social media accounts, podcast, short story competitions, other fun media stuff, plus my novel.

So really, it comes down to vanity.

I want to make sure I still have hair for my dust jacket photo.

Melody Wingfield

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