I’ve been mad busy learning just how much I’m not a coder over the last week but, for the most part, the website is up and functional! I’m really looking forward to getting back to the thing I am good at — writing. 

Blogging is something I really enjoy. I already write a great deal using my DayOne program and making long-hand entries in my Oberon Designs leather journal. The idea of consolidating these and sharing more of what I normally write only for myself is exciting (if a little daunting) but I’m ready to turn my mirror into a window, so to speak.

There’s a lot in the works right now — how to catch you up?

Method and Muse, my new podcast, starts up in the new year and I’m delighted that my writer’s group was mad enough to jump onboard and put themselves out there. They’re a great group of people that have kept me motivated and laughing — two things all writers need, especially writers trying to give their dreams a go. More about that later…

As far as personally, I am in the midst of writing my first novel.  It started out as a single book but the plot fairies got hold of me and now I’m up to at least a four book story arc, maybe five. I’ve taken something everyone takes for granted as true and flipped it totally over on its head. I’m excited that it’s nearly time to start sharing more details about what I’m working on, and that includes releasing some related short stories as teasers, so stay tuned!

I’m still working on getting the newsletter function enabled on the site and I hope you’ll sign up when that’s ready. In the meantime, I’ll post updates to social media for easy navigation to whatever’s new here. 

Thanks for stopping by — I hope you’ll visit often. 

“Be brave — fear is just a small thing that casts a big shadow.”  ~Melody Wingfield

Melody Wingfield

Author | Voice Artist | Witch Queen - Melody Wingfield is the creator of The WitchQueen Project podcast and an author of dark fantasy, epic mythology, horror, and erotica. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok at @witchqueenarts. Subscribe to her newsletter, The Magick Word on her website, www.witchqueenarts.com.


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